Why Artion

Always on time

ARTION is an Association Management Company (AMC) and a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO).
Since 1995, ARTION provides premier international services to Associations and organises globally high-quality conventions and formal events.
At ARTIONwe develop impressive proposals and provide customised solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding and competitive modern marketplace.
The ARTION key assets are its commitment to professional services, the effective planning and the efficient organisation that meets the client’s needs.

Why us

“More than 29 years of experience and always devoted.”
Ἄρτιον, this ancient Greek word stands for a combination of harmony, perfection and completeness. Ἄρτιον has been our motto for more than 29 years, and will always be our standard.

“A young and dynamic team, eager to be challenged”
ARTION is a well-established company, in Thessaloniki, the second major city of Greece. The main pillar of our work is definitely our team that combines young and dynamic spirits with serene and experienced seniority. All our team members have an excellent multicultural educational background and work internationally.

“A strong international network”
ARTION is a proud member of established international networks of professionals, such as the International Congress and Convention Association or the World Professional Congress Organizers Alliance. Thanks to this, we can perfectly operate all over the world.

“A commitment to provide quality and tailor-made services”
ARTION is certified for implementing a Quality Management System according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Same applies for the ELOT 1435:2009 Standard.