ARTION Conferences & Events. 2022 Report.

We welcome 2023 – Stronger, wiser, and prouder!

“It is allowed to fall, it is necessary to get up…”, Russian proverb


In these moments, just before the Christmas celebrations and the new year’s coming, we reflect on what is behind us and ahead of us.

We wish to express our thoughts, reflections, plans, goals, feelings, and dreams! And we want to share them with you, our partners, our friends all over the world, and those living closer to us in our beloved Thessaloniki.

The last two years have been a shock for all of us. It is no secret that during this difficult period, at times, we felt emotionally weak. We felt fear for the future. But we stood up: with pride, courage, and dignity! Because we are entrepreneurs and hard-working soldiers in the battle for survival for ourselves and our people. We are women and men, people with families, but first and foremost, parents! As parents, we have big and warm hugs. In this comforting hug, we teach to prepare for the future, we give strength and provide protection…

2022 was a challenge but we responded with joy and love – as we do for the past 27 years within the conference tourism industry. We have traveled from Gothenburg to Montreal, from Barcelona to Belgrade, and from Florina to Crete. In every destination, in all corners of the world, we have placed a little piece of Greece and brought back knowledge, experience, sceneries, and projects that will make us grow better.

2022 was an unforgettable year for us, and it will undoubtedly teach us a lot for the years to come. This is because:

  • We pushed our limits! We discovered in ourselves strengths that didn’t know we had. But we became wiser, stronger, and more prepared.
  • We learned our lessons and gained thorough knowledge and experience. Through hard work, patience, perseverance, and above all, a teamwork spirit.
  • We redefined almost everything. From our way of thinking and working to our philosophy of life.
  • We felt and still feel very proud! For the fruits of our labor, for meeting the needs of our customers and partners.
  • We are touched by the trust our customers show us and the long partnerships we have achieved! One of the best rewards of our work.
  • We boast that our team is a “winning team”! There are no secret or miracle recipes. There is only collective effort, exceptional bonding, collaboration, humility, and love for what we do.
  • We say goodbye to 2022 on a positive note!
  • We welcome and look forward to the coming of 2023 with anticipation. We set new goals, continue to dream, and fight to make our dreams come true.
  • We promise to you and ourselves that we will continue to adhere to and steadfastly follow our principles and values: Ethics and honesty, commitment and dedication, respect and client- satisfaction, and provision of high-quality and certified services.

The ARTION team wishes you a Happy and Blessed New Year!