Social Responsibility

For ARTION, offering to the Social Ensemble is not a matter of Policy but of Responsibility. ARTION Team develops either individual actions, or links the actions of its Projects, with a view to strengthening Social Cohesion, Solidarity and the Common Good.

ARTION’s Social Policy is based on the following principles:

Human Resources

We believe in our People and invest in them. We are not limited to ensuring hygiene and safety in the workplace to protect them.

We also enhance:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • equal opportunities for employment and professional development
  • the absolute respect of every manifestation of every right
  • the freedom to “associate”

As our Partners, always remain on the front line:

  • participate regularly in Professional Seminars and Industry Exhibitions
  • attend Educational and Training Programs
  • in collaboration with the Top Management expand their Professional fields
  • take on new responsibilities, depending on their interests and motivations


Business Partners

By developing Strategic Partnerships we support Professionals who share the same values ​​as us, in terms of developing a Social Policy Philosophy. Thus, our priority is our Partners to:

  • share the Values ​​of Social Policy
  • improve their Human Resources operations
  • implement Environmental Policies
  • adopt Healthy Commerce support practices
  • produce their Products and Services in line with and not in conflict with our corporate Policies while applying each Code of Ethics


  • We support Non-Governmental Organizations, either by supporting and strengthening their work, or by involving their Members in our Projects, in order to enhance the final result of their Actions but also to maximize the experience of the action of their Members.


It is more than obvious to us:

  • reuse and recycle paper in the office
  • recycling of electronic devices and ink cartridges
  • waste reduction
  • minimizing corporate energy footprint

But we go one step further:

  • we promote the use of Ecological Materials for our Events
  • we promote the application and use of electronic publications versus printed ones
  • we limit the number of copies for printed productions
  • we are introducing more and more “green policies” in our Events


Sustainable development

Through our Social Policy, we enhance the Society, we strengthen the Social Cohesion, we aim at Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Policy is summarized in the following priorities:

  • Management of Energy Requirements
  • Management of Travel Requirements
  • Reduction of Gas Emissions
  • Restriction of Consumption of Water Resources
  • Consistent Use of Infrastructure
  • Waste and Recyclable Materials Management
  • Ensuring Ethical Supply Chain
  • Local Supplies
  • Transparency of Transactions
  • Security and Insurance
  • Respect for Equality and Diversity
  • Cultural Impact Management
  • Social Impact Management
  • Financial Impact Management
  • Communication of Stakeholders
  • External Communication
  • Monitoring and Feedback