Quality Management

The adoption of a Quality Management System should be a strategic decision for an Organisation. Procedure Quality Management is implemented in every process required in the context of Managing Customers, Suppliers, Services and Programmes and the respective outcomes are verified. Customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction evaluation outcomes are used in order to assess and verify the extent to which the requirements of Customers and the System itself are met.

Towards this direction, ARTION has established, documented, implemented and retained the Quality Management System in order to continuously improve its effectiveness taking into consideration the company policies and strategic goals as well as the Customer needs and requirements.

Commitment of Management

ARTION Management is committed and participates actively in the implementation of the Quality Management System. Thus, keeps both Staff and Associates informed on the importance of Customer needs satisfaction and Services compliance according to the requirements of the state and community legislation.

Moreover, through the Quality Policy, which is among others published at the Company Facilities, the Company notifies the Employees on the Strategy which also includes the Goals that are related with the continuous improvement. This Quality Policy commits the Company to ensure the availability of resources that are needed to improve its performances.

All data collected by the Management related to the Goals, Customer needs and involved Departments are processed at least annually during management review.


Focus on Customer

ARTION Management through constant communication with Customers ensures that their requirements are defined and stated on the one hand and on the other their needs and expectations are satisfied and met.

The Management with regards to ARTION Customers and stakeholders:

  • recognizes the needs and expectations even for potential customers
  • defines the main characteristics of the Services provided
  • recognizes and evaluates its ability to meet the expressed requirements
  • recognizes opportunities
  • identifies any potential internal weaknesses
  • analyze competition and
  • highlights the comparative advantages, currently and in the future

ARTION is committed to the following:

  • Listening to Client needs on Projects and Services, meeting their requirements
  • To ensure the necessary resources for the implementation of these Projects
  • To plan appropriately Projects which it intends to execute implementing the best available techniques
  • To systematically and without deviations implement Project Management Procedures in accordance with the Internal Procedures of the Quality Management System monitoring contractual obligations
  • To effectively implement and continually improve the Quality Management System
  • Set measurable Target Objectives for Quality in corporate level and in functional level for Departments and / or Processes. Goals are established and evaluated as to their degree of achievement in the context of the Quality Management System Review by the Senior Management of the Company
  • Invest in continuous training, information and training of its Associates to promote Quality in every activity
  • Monitor, measure and evaluate the critical parameters of Processes in order to ensure Quality and Customer Satisfaction


Quality Certification

  • EN ISO 9001:2025
    Since 6 May 2011 ARTION is Certified for the Quality Management System implemented according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015
  • ELOT 1435:2009
    Since 7 June 2012 ARTION is Certified on the provided Communication Services according to the requirements of ELOT 1435:2009