ARTION values the importance of incentives and their impact on your team. This indispensable source of motivation, also considered as a reward as well as a way to nurture a team spirit, is a key element for the development of your organization.

Our flexible way of working and our close follow-up enable us to adapt efficiently to your needs as well as to the evolution of your event. Furthermore, for more than 20 years, ARTION has developed a strong network of suppliers all over Greece and can provide you with the best rates and tailor-made suggestions.

The nature of the incentives we propose is wide. Among others it includes: luxurious venues to fit with VIPs standards; original team building activities to strengthen the links within your troops; well-being activities to reinvigorate your collaborators.

As Greece lovers, we want to make you live an inspirational experience and discover the treasures of this fascinating country.