25 years at a glance!

More than 25 years of experience and always devoted!

ARTION was founded in 1995 offering initially services of:

  • Events Support
  • Translation and Interpretation and
  • Administrative Support.

Since 1998, ARTION undertakes successfully the organization of numerous events of Diplomatic Interest including:

  • Summit Meetings of Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs
  • Official Visit of the Kingdom of Spain to Greece
  • Meeting of the National Chapter of the International Olympic Committee
  • United Nations Ambassadors Conference in Athens
  • Official Visit of Austrian Chancellor in Greece

Over the years, the customer pool expands by signing dynamic international partnerships.

gnto In 2002 and as a result of an Open European Call, ARTION was selected as Exclusive PCO Partner for CEDEFOP – European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.
eeth_logo In 2010 ARTION develops, in a more structured frame, Services of Bidding and Invitation of International Congresses submitting officially its first Bid.

A new European Cooperation begins with AIACE (International Assosiation of former Officials of the European Union).

ICCA_logo In 2011, ARTION bids successfully to host in Thessaloniki the ICCA Joint 4 Chapter Summit, the Conference Industry Professionals Summit of the International Congress and Convention Association.


Furthermore, the partners of the World PCO Alliance chose and welcomed ARTION as a new member – the only Greek company participating in the network.

EFAPCO In 2012, on behalf of the Hellenic Chefs Club and after multi-annual and laborious processes, ARTION Bids successfully to host in Athens the International Congress of the World Association of Chef Societies in 2016.

At the same time, ARTION travels to San Juan in Puerto Rico to present one of the four best tourism marketing campaigns worldwide, in the context of the ICCA Best Marketing Award.

HATTA In 2013 and having already recorded eight years of successful cooperation with CEDEFOP – between 2002 and 2009 – ARTION bids successfully for another time the Open European Tender taking over the honorary role of Core PCO for CEDEFOP Events.

In the same year ARTION expands to the Black Sea by establishing ARTION Black Sea, based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 2014, having realized dozens of projects at both national and international level, ARTION is being prepared for the organisation of various International Interdisciplinary Conferences and Congresses worldwide. The Annual Project Calendar includes International Fairs and other Events as well.
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In 2020, ARTION celebrates 25 years of successful and dynamic presence in the MICE industry continuing its efforts and focusing on future development.