Dear colleagues and friends,

I would like to invite you all to the EANS2023 Barcelona Congress which will last from  24 to 28 September, coinciding with the end of Barcelona’s local festivities.  It is a great honor to host our  uests in -without any doubt- one of the most fantastic  cities in the world. After all, this time that we have been isolated by COVID, we had  time to think about how special we should make our  ongress!  We have designed a programme based on technological advances and how we can  utilize this to help low- and middle-income countries. Global neurosurgery is at its  high and EANS  cannot and will not miss being part of this project, which involves  assisting international initiatives to reach the counties which are most in need. That  is why the congress is called “Neurosurgery  and Technology at the service of Humanity”.  The programme will involve a pre-congress meeting with as many stakeholders as  possible on Global Neurosurgery and see if we can create the  foundation and base for  transversal and integral cooperation. We have been working hard in our global neurosurgery  section and we intend to share our results with you there.

Barcelona can also become the opportunity to bring all neurosurgery together and enjoy  the culture, the city, the gastronomy, and its world-known architecture. We will provide daily,  post-congress meetings with local historians and sommeliers so they can take you for a visit to their cellars or areas of the city that you certainly wouldn’t have known otherwise. Let’s make this a great experience for all and the greatest opportunity to express our friendship  globally in Barcelona! I can’t wait to show you my latest discoveries about the city.  Barcelona and the EANS are waiting for you with a glass of cava.

See you in Barcelona!

Andreas Demetriades                                                    Jesus Lafuente

EANS President                                                           Congress President

Event Detail

24 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2023 4:12 μμ
28 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2023 4:12 μμ
Barcelona, Spain