The Success Factors on which ARTION focuses are related with both its internal and external environment. The Team the Assurance of Quality for the Services provided the continuous investment in Technology as well as the carefully selected Network of Associates all contribute decisively towards this direction.

  • ARTION Team meets the most modern and complex requirements in the most professional manner staffed by experienced highly-qualified staff.
  • Quality Assurance for the provided Services Services is a definite priority in every level for ARTION thus is certified for implementing a Quality Management System according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard in order to increase the satisfaction level for its customers as well as continuously improve processes efficiency rate, all through measurable goals. Next to these ARTION is certified according to the  ELOT 1435:2009 Standard for the provided Communication Services.
  • Operating in one of the most dynamically developing Industries ARTION could only aim constantly in Technology Investments holding a highly-upgraded Information Technologies in order to support  its efforts. Since its establishment and as of today ARTION constantly invests in hardware and software. Is proud for its’ cutting-edge technologies and even more for the sophisticated and dedicated (CRM) platform that supports in Project Management. The System updates in real time the interconnected Database providing options for generation of reports and inventories in any format needed, responding this way to the most complex requirements and needs of any Project.
  • In terms of External Partnerships and Suppliers ARTION selects to cooperate with distinguished professionals and specialised companies able to provide proven high-level services in every field. This way the requested quality can be assured both in terms of third-party services and final outcome.

The Competitive Advantage for ARTION briefly reflects on:

  • Staff Specialisation: ARTION associates are all trained professional specialised in their field capable to ensure maximisation of any produced outcome.
  • Technological Supremacy: Implementing cutting-edge technologies and taking advantage of the most modern technological solutions at every level – from office automation to software platforms – ARTION increases rapidly the daily working efficiency rate.
  • Services Certification: Certified for its Services according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and ELOT 1435:2009 standards ARTION can guarantee for the Quality of its Services provided, implementing in parallel Total Quality Management methodology and Evaluation both internally and externally but from Customers and Associates as well.
  • Organisational Structure: Implementing a widen Organisational and Operational Model ARTION is structured in Departments that undertake ownership of Tasks instead of each Project to be assigned to a single Associate. Thus in depth elaboration with each task and more effective overall management are both assured.