International Congress Biding Services

ARTION is a dedicated bidder for European or International Conventions in Greece.

Benefits of organising an International Conference:

  • Increase the prestige of the National Committee, that will undertake the organisation, among the international community
  • Ability to promote the actions of the National Committee to targeted international audience
  • Destination promotion in every corner of the earth through the international participations
  • Boost the market, tourism and food businesses during the Congress: an average Congress lasts for 3.5 days and gathers at least 200-400 delegates
  • Increased tourism in the region through tours and excursions before and after the Congress
  • In long term: Increase in international conferences and tourism in the region and the wider area

ARTION – BID team supports Associations in every step of the bidding process and coordinates all actions.

Bidding Steps

  • Association’s Interest to host a European or International Conference
  • Administration, Correspondence, Documentation
  • Bidding Committee
  • Destination & Venue Selection
  • Bid Document & Application
  • Bid Presentation
  • Lobbying Coordination
  • Site Inspections
  • Winner City of the Bid

Bidding for your Success

  • Showcase your industry and its achievements internationally
  • Upgrade your organisation’s profile
  • Generate profit to contribute to further research and education
  • Exchange ideas and educate your associates on relevant topics
  • Develop strong business and industry relations
  • Improve your international relations & standing

ARTION – BID for Associations who require a Bid Coordinator to invite a major International Conference in Greece.