Association Management

ARTION offers turnkey solutions on Association Management by supporting Associations, Scientific & Professional Societies and Organisations to upgrade their operation and profile.

ARTION - AM service refers to Association Development, Communication and Management, specially designed to increase efficiency and -eventually- revenues. ARTION works closely with the Association to deliver high quality administrative support, advanced communication services and public relations.

Association Development

  • Membership
  • Networking – International Relations
  • Fund Raising – Sponsorship Partners

Communication, Marketing & Promotion

  • Press Office
  • Internet Marketing – Website (making the Association’s web presence stand out)
  • Social Media Marketing (facebook, linkedin, twitter etc)
  • Successful Events
  • Publications

Administrative & Secretarial Support

  • Members Management
  • Registrations - Fees
  • Association Secretariat - Daily Operations

ARTION - AM is ideal for Associations aiming to become leaders at a local, national or international level.