21 June 2018

24 June 2018
Thessaloniki, Greece
Event Type:
International Conferences
FICAC 2018

Welcome note from Aykut Eken

Dear Honourable Members of the Thessaloniki Consular Corps, Dear Honourable Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure and honour that I announce and extend my sincere congratulations to the Thessaloniki Consular Corps, for taking on the organisation of the 2nd FICAC South-East European Regional Conference in Thessaloniki. The Thessaloniki Consular Corps is a brand new member of FICAC and is already showing great interest and initiative by being a very active member!

FICAC is an internationally recognized Non-Profit Organization, founded in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark, which brings together honorary consuls through the world to share experiences and coordinate efforts to enhance and to strengthen their legitimacy rights and effectiveness, while at the same time increasing their responsibilities and their security to universal standards. Greece was one of the 7 founding countries, together with Finland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

FICAC is recognized as a NGO, with ECOSOC status, by United Nations. FICAC fully support one of the United Nations’ highest priority, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. FICAC is also recognized as a NGO by the European Union and by the Organization of the American States.

Our main objective, as honorary consuls, is “Bridging the World”. To achieve this goal, we need to share with one another our best qualities, like cooperation, goodwill, friendship, happiness, patience, tolerance, as together we can achieve success. All of us, we must be very sensible for environment, health, peace, serenity and love. FICAC performs a key role to create this bridge by fostering mutual understanding, in organizing meetings and events to allow Consuls from all around the world to meet and to exchange ideas with their colleagues.

Once again I am very grateful to the Thessaloniki Consular Corps and all its Honourable Members for their great involvement in organizing this 2nd FICAC South-East European Regional Conference. I am deeply convinced this 2nd FICAC South-East European Regional Conference will be very successful and will provide a very fruitful national and international exposure to all Honourable members and Colleagues in Diplomacy. This will be a fantastic opportunity to highlight the history of the area’s economic and prospects, as well as the Transportation and Energy network’s in the area

Allow me to extend my best wishes to all the Honourable Members of the Thessaloniki Consular Corps.

Sincerely Yours,

Aykut Eken, President


Welcome note from Sinisa Pavic

Dear friends and colleagues,

The city of Thessaloniki, as the passage point of the Balkan Peninsula to the Mediterranean, for centuries was representing members of different parts of Europe to gather in this point, which made it traditionally cosmopolitan. Likewise, with the strategic position of the city, approach a certain point of various infrastructure projects and it becoming a hub of transport, energy, tourism... Using these characteristics to analyze past, the city has suffered warfare and manage to get around by war conflicts in this part of the world.

Today, as a part of it, we have the privilege of living and working in this beautiful city and we are proud of it, we are really enjoying the atmosphere of friendship, cooperation, and communication that surrounds us... We would like to feel at least as a part of this city and his offerings, and share it during your stay. After you return to your home, save the best impressions and share it with those you love the most.

  Best regards,

Sinisa Pavic Consul General of Serbi
Dean of the Thessaloniki Consular Corps